Haply offers a wide variety or trainings, workshops and webinars. Please read descriptions fully to understand the requirements, commitments and actions needed to enroll, participate and succeed!

Types of courses:

  • Self-paced, e-learning- The class is taken and completed at your own pace. There may be an overall limit in access to the system.
  • Self-paced, instructor-led - These class are self-paced but at each stage and throughout your learning you will interact with an instructor for questions, coaching and more.
  • Asynchronous, instructor-led - Classes are instructor-led. While there are no set meeting times, there are assignments and activities to be completed by specific deadlines.
  • Synchronous, instructor-led - Classes are instructor-led. There are set classroom times for lecture, discussion and interaction with others.
  • Webinar - Informational session. Recorded webinars have no interaction. Live webinars may include chat and Q&A sessions.